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New york City Rock n Roll!

Who Said We Weren't Photogenic?

Missed the Last Show?
. . . Write this down!

The Slags will be back to the stage soon.

This gives you time to get that new pair of leather pants, brand new "OLD" t-shirt and get to looking your best.


The Slags
went into the studio at Electric Randyland to record some new rock and roll . . . Take a look over at the MUSIC page and get some.

Check out a review of the SLAGS self-titled ep over at

Our friend Lucci at has been cool enough to post some live footage of the Slags. Three songs recorded at The Continental are ready for viewing in the movies section.

The thriving New York City Rock Scene is finally getting some love. Steve Blush(American Hardcore)and Radical Records have joined forces with 22 of NYCs hardest rockin, ass-kickin bands to bring the world "NEW YORK CITY ROCK N ROLL". Of course you can't have a cd with NYs best on it and NOT have the SLAGS. The boys put "She Said" on there for your listening pleasure.

This comp will blow your mind. Tempted? Go to Virgin Megastore or the Website and get yourself a copy.

Click HERE to See the Flyer

Someone took some really great pictures at our
last shows.

Take a look and send us mail telling us how much you love us . . .you know you wanna.

Got some of your own? Send them here and we might just use em, hell we might even buy you a drink when we see you next time too.

The drinks are always free for us anyway.


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