28 February 2003

Abby, Pat, Charles and new member Jenny Gunns(Dirty Mary) hit the stage to break her cherry and celebrate her birthday.

The MTV VJ's band has been on the scene for a while, but I have to say, they are coming into their own now. The first few time I saw them, Abby seemed a bit "timid" on the mic but she has since blossomed a bit into quite a front woman. I think she could be a bit more aggressive in more than just her rap though.

The rythym section change added a pretty good match for Abbys' vocal . Jennys' voice has improved over the past year and it is nice to see her back on stage again.

The set was a bit slow at points, but it didn't feel too long or drawn out. Highlighting this show was "HOG", great middle of the set kind of song and they hit it right on. Personally I would liked to have heard them mixed a bit better. The guitars seemed out of balance but the bass and drums were right on.

Verdict for this show: Pretty much rocked