Roger Benton Benefit Show
23 March 2003

1 Nite
6 Hours
11 Bands
Lotsa love

A parade of some of NYC's finest bands stepped on stage to kick ass, and kick ass for a good friend.

Prince Hal from Banana Fish Zero put this monster together to help out Roger Benton, the drummer from Joker Five Speed, who had just finished his last treatment for cancer. "A nite to rock out and hopefully put a couple of bucks in Rogers pocket" as Hal told me about halfway through the nite.

So I guess you wanna know what happened huh? Well, once upon a time there was this show . . . .

To start the nite out in style, the Sex Slaves took the stage and looked as if there were going to leave nothing but splinters behind. Using their 15 minutes to throw out a new song and rip through some of their modern classics. Flying 66 grabbed the still smoking reins and dished out their take on NYC rock. None too shabby I tell you. Never had seen them before and was impressed, they will earn my 5 bucks next time they play. Leaving a little layer of sleaze behind, Drag Citizen gave the crowd a little of what they all know they love(look in your heart, you know it is true) and that is that LA sleaze rock thing. Mind you all with a heavier hand and New York touch. Even though this was one of their first shows it was good and I can hardly wait to see what they have up their sleeves next. Fronted by everyone's favorite Friday nite DJ, Morgan, Supervillan mauled the audience with their take on metal. It is nice to see someone taking that ball and running with it. Since it seems that all of our heros are to busy fighting "NAPSTER" or are too old to record anything new.

Now talk about an entrance. The bustling, jammed packed Continental went silent as Maya(perched on Prince Hals shoulder) made her way to stage with flowing gold wings. She hit the stage, strapped on a guitar and led her band Mother Goddess to a fit of rock n roll excess. Only J-Bomb can rock the Continental house kit like he was Tommy Lee on the Girls, Girls, Girls tour. Shades of Slim Jim Phantom came to mind as Thommy Price's Sex, Drum And Rock n Roll hit the stage.

Peelander–Z. I could just end the review of them right there for anyone that has ever seen them. GOD DAMN. Honestly I had no idea what I was in for. You look on the stage and see a Yellow M&M, a Red Dragon/Indian Chief on bass and a blue deamon of rock n roll on the drum and wonder what the hell IS this? Japanese flavored punk rock is what we all got, and lots of it. In the span of 20 minutes they played 4 songs, changed costumes 2 times, grabbed half of the audience on stage playing everything from cowbells to bike horns, ran to the other end of the club and "bowled" their lead singer into the stage on his stomach. No where else in the city are you going to get this much "show" for your 5 bucks. Running a sweaty, attitude laced and AC/DC enfused 15 minutes, Pisser got the crowd really swinging. It is real hard to not start shaking your ass and throwing your fist in air. Even with a 40 minute set I feel robbed but with only 15 minutes I was suffering from some serious Rock n Roll blue balls.

Follow Pisser? Not many can or want to but the Fire Gods stomped on stage and screamed and howled their way through a set of their favorites hopped up on distortion and heavy solos. After hearing the Bamboo Kids demo I had been curious to see them live and I was not disappointed. Great energy packaged with a couple of catchy tunes helped slide the nite on like a real cold shot of Jager.

Last but not least was the Power/Pop/Punk/Party sounds of Banana Fish Zero. Intending to play their 15 minutes and close the nite out, this was not what the crowd wanted though. After smacking the crowd in the face with their first 3 songs the Continental demanded more(the front row of people blocked them from getting off stage) with at least 9 more songs and even then they almost didn't make it off stage. New songs, old songs, disco songs they were all over it and everyone screamed the anthems right back at them. We all know how hard it is to get a rise out of a NYC crowd and these guys do it with no problem. Maybe it was John Law in a speedo, maybe it was Texas playing the drums from behind the backdrop, or Prince Hal braving the Continental stage with no shoes . . my money is on the fact that they are just one of the best bands in the city right now.

So as Banana Fish ran out of stuff to play, they thanked the crowd for coming out to help our friend. When someone tells you that there is no "scene" in New York, send them this article and tell them to kiss our collective asses and stop reading that damn Rolling Stone.

Verdict for this show: Rocked!

The Sex Slaves
Flying 66
Drag Citizen
Mother Godess
Thommy Price's Sex, Drums and Rock n Roll
Fire Gods
Bamboo Kids
Banana Fish Zero