Okay, Hello and welcome to my little corner of Dude That Rocks. I am here to present my services to all those in search of a little (or a lot of) Rock-n-Roll decadence.

There are thousands of bars, clubs, lounges, and the like scattered throughout this crazy little town, offering every form of stimulation you could want. Basically, whatever floats your boat can be found in good quantity, providing you know where to look.

If you fancy a nice glass of Bordeaux and a copy of the Financial Times, while Brahms plays quietly in the background, hey, that's fine, but I really can't help you out with that. But, if want to throw your fist in the air, while screaming Motley Crue lyrics at the top of your lungs, as that good looking bartender serves up another round of beers and whiskey for you and all your best friends… well brothers and sisters, you've come to the right place.

My esteemed colleagues and I have selflessly devoted ourselves to searching out these essential nighttime hotspots in order to save you, the valued consumer, a bunch of legwork. Whatever night of the week you feel like getting your Rawk on, we've got the places to be and the people to see, right here, all for you.