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Drag Citizen @ Rare
Tuesday June 3rd

Joker Five Speed
Banana Fish Zero
Skyrocket &
Drag Citizen @
The Continental
(crnr. St. Marks & 3rd)



Joker Five Speed is a Hi-Octane 4-piece out of NYC, set to take over the world and there is nothing you can or any one else can do about it.

Tor, Scarlet, Dave and Roger team-up bring NYC to it's knees three chords at a time. Next, the WORLD!

Check out reviews, pictures and music from the band that will headline the first ever Presents: show at CBGBs on the 18th of April.

photo by Nikki Kane

FIXERs new ep gives you everything you expect to hear from them. Great guitars and soaring vocals all slammed on top of heavy bass and pounding drums.

This is the boys latest offering and it shows how hard they have been working to move up the food chain.

Bend, shows off some of the live feeling that has crowds packing some of New Yorks better clubs everytime they play.