Well, here we are. The beginning of what will be the "be all, end all" of what to do in New York City. The be all, end all if you
love to ROCK!

Now I, and the mighty staff of writers here at DudeThatROCKS.com are not just talking about music. Because we all know that the idea of "ROCK" is not just music. It is in the places we eat, shop, eat and hang-out on a Saturday nite (hell even a Thursday nite for that matter). That is what we want to bring you and we hope you can help us get there.

We expect, and WANT your gripes, complaints, and differences in opinions. That is only going to make us stronger and New York City a better place to be in the end. If you think a review was completely wrong and you have a better opinion, they will be heard and not just thrown away. This is for you, the person living in the city, working a day job and wanting to live there life after-hours. This is for the person that is coming from Idaho and has a million great ideas but hasn't found the people to tell them to yet. This is for the people "doing it" everyday out there. You deserve the spotlight, and here it is.
So step up New York City, we know we are not what the rest of the World sees in Time Out New York and the Village Voice on-line. We are not just the Strokes and the YEAH YEAH YEAHs, we are not just Ground Zero, we are not just another spot on the map, we are NEW YORK CITY! We are strong, thriving and damnit it is about time we are heard from again. As Dee Snider so eloquently put it "I WANNA ROCK!" and if you are still reading . .

So what now. you read the rant, you know the score . . "NOW WHAT?" you ask.

I will tell you what, take a look around get a feel for the site, tell us what you think and email us comments on what you would like to see and what you like that is already up and running. Send it here EGO@DudeThatROCKS.com. The more we know, the better we can bring you bigger and better content.

Come back weekly and daily for updates on show reviews, cd reviews and upcoming shows. Monthly for Featured Articles.

Got something you want reviewed send it here and we will get back to you as soon as we can Review@DudeThatROCKS.com

We will fight tooth and nail to get you stuff that you can't see anywhere else and get it to you faster than anyone else.


When you get to wherever you are going, tell them DudeThatROCKS.com sent you.

Brian and the crew at DudeThatROCKS.com