I really think there is only one way to describe the music on this CD.

"Music to drive a tank to"

Some music is cruisin' in a Camero, some rollin' in a Caddy, Some is pimpin' in your '6-4. This is NONE of those. This is something you want to listen to when you want to drive THRU somthing.

Seriously, this is probably one of the best

"heavy" CDs I have ever heard. One simple reason. I can understand what Pat is singing about. Not in a "poignent but sensitive lyrics way" but in a "I understand the words coming out of his mouth. A unique voice that cuts through the bass, guitar and drums. Once you hear this stuff, you will understand my amazement.

For a heavy CD it is very listenable. not blown out with a ton of bottom-end. Quite a change. Half the time you get a disk and you have to equalize the hell out of it just to listen to it. This on the other hand sounds good and great to listen to . . over and over.

I kept telling yself it was for the review that I listened to it over an over again, but it is just a good CD, hands down. Every band wanting to go heavy should take notice of Gaggle of Cocks. A band doing it the right way and pulling it off.

Check them out on the web at: www.GaggleOfCocks.com

Stand Out: (breathe)Suffocation
Get Out: American Trash

Track Listing:
Horse 44
King Mr. Porno Cock
American Trash
Pigz of Agony
Bomb Me
My Little Hell

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