This is the boys latest offering and it shows how hard they have been working.

Bend, shows off some of the live feeling that has crowds packing some of New Yorks better clubs everytime they play.

Staring off with "Bend Over Backwards" you know what you are in for. Hard guitars, potent vocals, steady bass and a thumping set of drums. They have a great song here but it get a little repetative in the chorus but

other than that it is a great song. "Home Again" is a gem on this disk. The lyrics are there, the back-ups are right on and there is a great guitar solo in there that showcases why he is one of my favorite NYC guitarists. Next up is "Get it Right", a place for Evan to really streach out vocally. Hitting an Axl Rosian peak several times in this tune. Again, a great riff but I am not crazy about the breakdown but the way it comes back is pretty damn sweet. Lastly we have "Senseless". The heartbreaker on the disk. This one falls short out of the 4 tracks. Lyrically it just doesn't hit the mark. Too tight if that makes sense. It seems there are 4 words when there could be 3.

The production on the disk is good, the right sound for them. Very radio friendly and welcoming. When I listened to this disk I took away the same feeling as when I see the guys live. All I would add is maybe a little bottom end.

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Stand Out: Home Again
Get Out: Senseless

Track Listing:
Bend Over Backwards
Home Again
Get it Right