This is a CD I have been waiting to get my hands on for more than a while now. After catching them at the Continental over a year ago I have been hooked on them since.What I got was one of the best shows and one of the best CDs I have ever gotten at a show. That was the UNTIED WE STAND ep and now I barely makes it 10 feet from my stereo before I start getting the shakes.

QUICK & DIRTY is the monster I thought it

would be. Three guys that take nothing, except a good time, seriously.It shows in the song writing, but not in the music. John Law on lead vocals with his unique delivery and crystal clear voice make the humorous, good-time lyrics easy to take as a shot of Jack Daniels Single-Barrell. Beware, you can(and WILL) sing along with every song. Even if you DON'T know the words. Prince Hal lays down such a destructive bass line that you don't know if you want to dance to or drive your head into the wall. Texas Clamp, a live drummer not to be missed, is hitting hard and making you remember how a rock drummer can be cool. Straight ahead but so consistent you will think it is a drum machine but it is just too good to be a damn machine.

After hearing a good deal of these tracks live before, I was still drawn in and am now thinking that 2 spots in my 5-disk changer are going to be "perma-full". The disk, sonicly, is damn good. Not too loud and blown out like alot of stuff out there today. Drums sounds like a train wreck, guitars and vocals are piercing and the bass is so heavy someone may have to hold you up.

Check them out on the web at:

Stand Out: Beautiful
Get Out: Every Time

Track Listing:
Memory Maker
Sons of Bitches
We Got the Right
Cadillac Cream
Little Sister
Bang Bang