The Hi-Octane 4-piece, JOKER FIVE SPEED is set to take over the world and there is nothing
you can do about it.

Coming at you wearing their influences of every-thing from KISS and Cheap Trick to the Foo Fighters and Motley Crue on their sleeves, JOKER FIVE SPEED hits you with some of the hook-iest songs around. These tunes stay with you for days and even when you think it is gone,
a hot blonde in a 69' Camero flies by and it all comes flooding back.

Their live show is always impressive. With matching "Stars and Stripes" Marshall stacks, silver flamed-out drums, and a cheetah covered bass amp the bands' personalities are on stage before them. Tor, the lead singer, is everything you could want in a front man. Strong original voice, great interaction with the crowd but knows when to shut the hell up and get on with the show. Behind those flamed-out drums is Roger Benton - a thunder god waiting to be worshipped. You will always get a strong and steady show from this man. Holding up the other end of the rhythm section is Scarlet Rowe. Just like his Nikki Sixx Blackbird, Scarlet only has 2 setting . . . on
and more on. Dave Blackshire carries the lead guitar duties like Atlas. Ripping into solos that make you want to do your best "air-guitar" moves in tribute.

This band is poised for stadium greatness. Unlike other New York bands that no one heard of until after they were "famous", JOKER FIVE SPEED is in your face all the time. Aside from being one of the hugest promotion machines in town they are also the faces of the I.C.R vs. Deth Killers clothing line.

Check them out on the web at for their next show, more pictures, mp3s and info.