Wanna have a good time?

I know where there is a party. Wanna go?

Remember that? Still living it?

This is your band. 3 guys bringing some serious good-time rock n roll. This is the kind of band that can play CBGBs one night and a kegger the next. Same effect, EVERYONE leaves with a smile on their face. Infectious and powerful music played by 3 of the best people you will ever meet.

On lead vocals, John Law, contorts his way through the set packed with all of the songs that make you sing along without knowing the words. It is that kind of band. You have to love them right away. Texas Clamp is behind the kit , but not for long. A solid drummer but he can't keep himself behind them for long. He is known to get up during a breakdown, do a little dance and come right back in on time. Not to mention playing behind his back, getting up and playing the drum set for the next band and coming back to his. Keep your eyte on him or your are going to miss something. Prince Hal brings a bit of a down to Earth feel to that band. . . who am I kidding. Clad in a pair of flip-flops and sometimes not much else, this bruiser lays down some thick and rich rythym. I guess you could say he is the BBQ Sauce of the band, just not ready without it.

Watching them will have you clutching your neck in the morning. From rockin' out and trying to turn your head fast enough to see what the hell they are doing now. You will never be dissapointed ina BANANA FISH ZERO show, you WILL have a good time.

Check them out on the web at www.BananaFishZero.com for their next show, more pictures, mp3s and info.