I.C.R vs. Deth Killers Fashion Show at the Pussycat Lounge.

When the packed to the rafters crowd came to a hush and pulled out their lighters you knew that the Inner City Raiders were in full force. Yelling, screaming, flipping the bird and having a blast. What else would you expect from them? Nothing less!

Greg and Jenn got a chance to show the world what they have been up to in their secret headquarters in Bushwick (yeah yeah, "it will kill you all") and they did not dissapoint. Great clothes, people and the SEX SLAVES.

Bushwick will kill you ALL

The lights lowered, the crowd went quiet with the exception of the BIC lighters being struck in a very arena rock moment. Next thing you know the music hits and a flash. The show has begun.

The I.C.R line is based on rock n roll, motorcycles and having a damn good time. Everything about the show gave off that vibe. From the choice of music, which include Banana Fish Zero and Joker Five Speed among other music icons.

In about 30 minutes you got about 20 different models, a whole lot of clothes, a fight and a freakin' pile of attitude. In with the models were some of the Deth Killers(the motorcycle club that helps inspire Gregs' designs) and local bands Sex Slaves and Joker Five Speed along with J-Bomb from the 3 of Cups.

In typical Sex Slave "Fun at any cost" fashion, Marty E. came in to house Eric and Bry'n only to get his ass handed to him by Del Cheetah. All 4 of them just about ate it off the runway. Nothing like a good ass-kickin' to get you in the mood for a show, and that was what was about to happen upstairs. But first, Greg and Jenn came out to take their bows to thunderous appluase for a job well done.

Attitude, Stlye and Motorcycles
Woh, Oh, Oh!

Now was time to see what the Sex Slaves had in store for tonite.

They played one of the best sets I have ever seen them play. High energy, the music was right on and damned if they didn't have me signing along to their new single "No More Reasons" which was part of the I.C.R. give away at the door.

#23 was on fire, #13's vocals were tight, Del was firocious on the

bass, Marty E huge on the drums and 00-Sex was smokin' as always. The highlights of watching Del decide if he was or was not going to hang from the precariously hanging chandeleer. He decided against it but did jump off of the stage onto the couch to the side of the stage. Boy do I wish that picture came out.

I left the Pussycat Lounge that night feeling safe that I will have cool clothes to buy, great bands to watch and great people to hang out with for a long time.

Check out the I.C.R vs. Deth Killers site for more pictures and info on ordering.

Del, and Eric #13