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The Thursday Nite Rock n Roll Get Down One-Year Anniversary at the
3 of Cups
(1st ave. & 5th St.. NYC)

After a year of spinning the best rock known to man and some stuff you thought

you forgot, Tor and Eric 13 have not slowed down at all and don't plan to anytime soon. With a brand new sound system, a bunch of people to entertain and nothing better to do, the boys let lose.

I.C.R vs. Deth Killers Fashion Show at the Pussycat Lounge.

When the packed to the rafters crowd came to a hush and pulled out their lighters you knew that the Inner City Raiders were

in full force. Yelling, screaming, flipping the bird and having a blast. What else would you expect from them? Nothing less!

Greg and Jenn got a chance to show the world what they have been up to in their secret headquarters in Bushwick (yeah yeah, "it will kill you all") and they did not dissapoint. Great clothes, people and the SEX SLAVES.